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Name Position E-Mail Phone
Perry Verrino Committee Chair 845-278-6380
Kimberly Cercena Committee Member/Hospitality Chair 845-278-8738
Jack Duncan Committee Member/Charter Org Rep 845-207-9370
Stan Haywood Committee Member/Activities Chair 845-406-5926
Bruce Markert Committee Member/Advancement Chair 845-612-3769
Bob Romano Committee Member/Training Chair 845-641-3917
Carla Scipioni Committee Member/Treasurer 845-279-2158


Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmasters
Name Position E-Mail Phone
Adam Payne Scoutmaster 914-714-9391
John Bertone Assistant Scoutmaster 845-279-8240
Jon Curran Assistant Scoutmaster 860-305-0181
Jeremy DiFabbio Assistant Scoutmaster 845-278-6004
Andres Gil Assistant Scoutmaster 845-582-0759
Jimmy Ho Assistant Scoutmaster 845-416-6947
Steve Mattson Assistant Scoutmaster 845-279-3637
Steven Santamorena Assistant Scoutmaster 845-259-3037
Renzo Scipioni Assistant Scoutmaster 845-279-2158
Ken VonBargen Assistant Scoutmaster 845-278-2484
Jeff VonBargen Assistant Scoutmaster 845-278-2484
Paul Waclawski Assistant Scoutmaster 347-668-2888
Erik Wilson Assistant Scoutmaster 475-279-3867


College Reserve
Jimmy Duncan Unit College Scouter Reserve 845-612-3398
Maxwell Greene Unit College Scouter Reserve 845-278-7187
Stephen Mengler Unit College Scouter Reserve 845-279-5957
Peter Arnold Unit College Scouter Reserve 845-490-3738
Matthew Scipioni Unit College Scouter Reserve 845-405-2477
Kris Markert Unit College Scouter Reserve 845-746-8744
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